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Mahal aura is a production and exhibition platform, which traces the micro cultural memory spaces that survive in a corner despite the destructive effect of time, and encourages artists to engage with past experiences and produce for the present by bringing them together with these spaces.


“Mahal Aura” Project, funded by Spaces of Culture and supervised by Rahmi Öğdül, opens its project exhibition at Gallery A at 18:00 on 13 October. The exhibition of the project, which will terminate with the closing concert at Saint Vuokolus Church at 19:30 on 23 October, can be visited between 13-23 October.

Originating from the word ‘kevn’, which means existence, space is the place where something comes into existence, maintains its existence, and produces and transforms itself while producing. As John Berger puts it, “it is now space rather than time that hides away important results from us”.

The Mahal Aura project focuses on two local cultural areas that have turned into micro-cultural memory spaces over time. The project presents the workshops of the late architect Ahmet Bilgin in the Güzelyalı district of İzmir and the carpenter Tokdil Musa Ersoy in the Kavaklıdere town of Manisa, both of which have a lot of tools and have hosted sculptures, toys, instrument making and painting productions, as production areas for visual artists and musicians. The project wants to draw attention to the effect of the space’s aura that gets stronger over time on the artistic production processes. In the exhibition where artists from different disciplines come together, Adem Toprak, Berna Dolmacı, Hanife Buğurcu, İlyas Hayta, Kemal Begtaş, Tamer Ersoy, Tamer Ersoy, Tayfun Bilgin, Volkan İncüvez and Zekiye Buğurcu take part with their works. Rahmi Öğdül is the curator of the exhibition.